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Originally Posted by Johann Sebastian Bach View Post
It's NOT plastic bag use.
It's flying.
It's eating meat.
It's good insulation.

A fascinating study, making some sense out of all the opinion flying around.


So much wrong with this article .......

For starters it's written by a Management Consultant - first order of business ...... drum up more business !

Already people on this thread have drilled down to the core issues of Biodiversity and Sustainability.

There's been some dancing around Veggie Propaganda. Of course clearing virgin old growth for either cows or mung beans is not the way to go. In case there are those that think their alfalfa sprouts didn't also have parents - have a look at my avatar photo - have a good long look at it (it's in my gallery

Finally, several people have used the term 'land use' .......

Now imagine if instead of 'land use' you said,
'Mum use' , or
'Mom use' , or
'Mother use' ..........

Now ask yourself - is the picture becoming clearer ........ ???


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