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Originally Posted by Farnboro John View Post
The meat thing is just veggie propaganda. Before herds of cattle there were herds of Bison, Mammoth, Mastodon, horses, you name it. T'ain't the cattle that are wrong (though wild species would be better). Vegetable monoculture in all forms is wrong, human population growth is wrong, eating meat is fine. What we really need is a new attitude to eating people. Fancy a Chinese?

A bit of research would clearly show it's not nonsense and I speak as a meat-eater. I doubt you'd find a serious scientist who disagreed but let's not stop science getting in the way of bashing people trying to reduce their carbon footprints. And yes I know mine is huge. Well done to the 'veggies' and non-fliers. I'm trying to have a more vegan diet. I have to admit I'm not doing so well on the not flying bit though.
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