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Originally Posted by elkcub View Post
In my opinion GW has been taking place since the last ice age, which the earth will probably return to in only a few thousand years. In the meantime, it makes sense to plan ahead to avoid the impact of weather, volcanos, earthquakes, sea-level, etc. It also makes sense to eliminate/sequester man-made pollutants that are dangerous to human/animal health and to avoid destruction of the environment by unsafe drilling, fracking, and transport. But wasting money and other resources trying to control the earth's surface temperature is a massive exercise in futility, — and likely a dangerous one if we knew how to do it.

Take CO2 out of the political equation and I'm cool. We needlessly spend many billions of tax dollars on that stuff when it could be used for infrastructure repair and real environmental protection.

Gotta go. Uncle Sam is waiting.
Thanks for the clarification of your views. Personally, I find your "we're in an interglacial so naturally temperatures are rising" argument facile to say the least but neither of us it going to change his mind about any of this so there's no point in further wrangling.

Taxes, now. . .. I wouldn't dream of doing them myself. That's why God invented the CPA, to relieve us of that particular burden. Costs a few bucks but definitely worth it IMO.
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