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Originally Posted by fugl View Post
My, my, look who's had a personality transplant. No grins or chortles or lols or yawns or dumb emojis or animal noises of any kind! Has to be a strain! Just a matter of time, I predict, before your outraged system rejects the new personality and you revert to type.

We shall see. . ..
No, quite simple really. Post and banter with respect, and respect is given.
I have none for you and my past postings reflect that.
Your MO here is obvious: you don't like when others have dialogue with me; you instantly interject with the "You need to understand that litebeam is this....or that.." It's tiresome.

I enjoy this forum and I like people here, even some that I disagree with. They know how to have an exchange of ideas without the constant disrespect.
With you that isn't possible.
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