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Might as well throw my hat in the ring (if not step in myself).....

I have the 8.5x42 Fpro and 8x33 Kowa Genesis and 8x32 Conquest HD. I usually use the 8x33 Kowa because they are small-ish and light-ish and work well enough for me in most situations. I have done some tests, like trying to read a car license plate from a long way away and the x42s totally win there (then the Conquests then the Kowas). But for me, most of the time, that level of difference is not as significant to me as the size and weight difference when I'm carrying a bunch of camera gear. The x42s also are easier to use in terms of lining up with the eyes and are more comfortable to use. But I still end up using the Kowas most of the time.

I do live in California and often have plenty of light. Even when it is overcast, it is usually not gloomy.

As Bill pointed out in #14, personal preference can outweigh a lot of technical differences.

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