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Originally Posted by Swissboy View Post
Looks like you plan along similar lines as I have done. I also need to wear eyeglasses when looking through binoculars. And I have also been planning ahead for what to use as one gets older. I'm now at that stage where I plan to actually buy the model I have had in mind for at least the last six or so years. Except, in my case it was not a Swarovski model but the Zeiss FL. Now that things get to the state of being realized, I have nevertheless gone through a verification process. In particular also because I felt a 10x model would complement my 8x one much better. But I can't hold a 10x steady over a longer observation time. I have also checked the Swarovskis again, but again felt irritated by the flat-field distortion (rollerball) when scanning.
The FL's are great binos.

I tried the 8x32 EL SV a couple years ago for a few hours at a park and didn't notice rolling ball, but I hope it doesn't present itself over time if I ever buy one.
its a long way off anyway and I may never want to spend the money, as I'm trying to save towards retirement someday. My 8x30 CL is pretty good anyway. I had to use it today since I have a sore right shoulder and thought the heavier 7x42 may aggravate. It was very windy today and I wished I brought the 7x42 instead. I think it would have helped to keep the image a little steadier in the wind.

I thought about 10x for a while some time back and tried several 10x42, but never really got along with the higher magnification. There were a couple nice ones I tried that could have worked for me, but I decided to just stick with lower power.

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