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Went birding this AM with a group I go with when I can. There were 14 of us. I always pay attention to what binoculars folks use(I'm probably the only one!) I didn't get EVERYONE'S but the ones I noticed:

1 8X42 HT
1 8X42 SF(gray)
1 10X40 Dialyt
1 EL 8.5X42(not SV)
1 EL 8.5X42 SV
1 8X42 SLC HD
1 8X42 Vortex Viper(MIJ)
1 8X42 Monarch 5
1 8X42 Leupold Rogue BX-1
1 7X42 UV
1 7x42 UVHD+(Mine)
1 8X32 Cabelas Guide(Carol's)
1 8X30 porro of unknown make

SO....13 binoculars. Only TWO 30/32s. This is about the way this group goes. 30/32mms are generally WAY in the minority.
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