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Originally Posted by CharleyBird View Post
Two questions if I may:

1. Do you ever carry the WX over your shoulder/neck like a messenger bag?

2. Holger, why did you purchase the 10x rather than the 7x ?

Hi Andy,

I carry the WX inside my day pack and pull it out whenever I want to watch. Over shorter distances, I just keep it in my hand (I have not attached any neck strap to it).

Regarding 7x vs. 10x, it was close. Anyone would have been fine with me. But I noticed that whenever I was using the 7x50, I got the feeling that a little extra power would come in handy. I also realized that jitter was no problem with the 10x due to its extraordinary weight (and inertia). Finally, under the stars, the 10x was just a little bit more impressive I guess. So, after a couple of months of thinking it over, I got the 10x.

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