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Originally Posted by Holger Merlitz View Post
Yes, the binocular would be smaller and everything should fit: If we assume the same focal ratio as the 7x50, then the diameter of the intermediate image would be smaller by a factor 0.7 and the prism could be scaled down by the same factor. Its volume (and weight) would then be about 1/3 of the present values. It seems that the eyepiece diameter is currently determined by the size of its field-lens (not eye-lens), which would also reduce with the szie of the intermediate image and the new focal length, which is going down by 0.7 as well. All in all, the 7x35 WX may weight perhaps 1.2 kg (a rough guess).

A Nikon 7x35 WX with a 10 degree angle and sharp edges would be sweet! I doubt if we will ever see one though. 1.2kg(42oz.) is pretty heavy for a 7x35 though but I guess with all the glass in it it is to be expected. I would still buy one even at $3K!

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