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I had several Habicht 8x30's. I kept trying them because they are very good optically. I did all the changes you did with the green eye cups. I decided I don't like winged eye cups because of fogging issues and I don't like them rubbing against the side of my face. The focus on the Habicht 8x30 is the tightest focus I have ever used on any binocular and I found it hard to focus fast while birding. I used the Habicht for quite a while until I discovered when you look up with it at steep angles the entire FOV is covered with veiling glare. For those reasons I gave up on it and sold it. I compared it many times to my SV 8x32 and the SV is just as sharp on-axis, has a bigger FOV, sharper edges and is a much easier view with better ergonomics for me and the total package is superior with better objective covers, rain guard, case and strap. Many have complained about glare in the SV but I personally do not get the veiling glare that completely covers the FOV the way the Habicht does. It does show a little glare in difficult conditions when you are near the sun at sundown but it really doesn't bother me because overall the binocular performs so well. I agree the optics of the Habicht are very good especially on-axis and it is a very interesting binocular but as a birding tool I find the SV 8x32 superior. I would say the Habicht 8x30 W is a Lamborghini Aventador and the Swarovski SV 8x32 is a Bugatti Chiron. The Lamborghini is cool looking but the Bugatti is faster and much more comfortable.

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