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Swarovski Habicht 10x40 W GA 2019


As I told here, I am in Europe since April 28th. Family reunión around one of our girls (have two boys and two girls) graduation of her MBA in the best business school in Europe (and two or three in the world, by the way). All very happy!
I had a plan, having sold my Z Victory HT 10x42, to buy the Noctivid 10x42. But, unexpectedly, had a chance to see a month old Habicht 10x40 WGA. At less than half the Noctivid 10x42 and a Swarovski 10x42 Sv FP I also saw. Well....a BIG WOW!!!!!! Testing for two ours these three binoculars I ended buying the...Habicht!!!!!
May be this is a cherry one and the two others both lemons...perhaps...
The Habicht center resolution, contrast, brightness and VEILING GLARE CONTROL are second to none. Period!!!
These atributes, at least in this simple, are so good that I see no reason to spend 1300 € more to get some more close focus distance, more friendly focusing and/or some more eye releif!!!!!
I don't need them. For someone, or many, here, I am sure the closer focus, the great retractable eye cups and eye releif of the NV and the SVFP are indispensable things, and more than justify the price difference, but for MY needs and taste, this last, latest, S. Habicht version is unbeatable!!! To me, It confirms the small (or great) improvements are told Swarovski makes in the same, but newly made, models!

Best regards!

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