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Originally Posted by PHA View Post
The Habicht center resolution, contrast, brightness and VEILING GLARE CONTROL are second to none. Period!!!

first of all, have fun during your trip to Europe and with your new bins!

The 10x40 Habichts are indeed the least flawed of the three - if you don't wear glasses while using them and thus can live with 13mm of eye relief. If somebody would force me to get one of the three, the 10x40 would be it - and I would spend too much time comparing them to my SE 10x42.

Calling reflection and glare control on them second to none is probably stretching things a bit, but they're certainly not the glare monsters the 8x30 are and quite usable in this regard. The 7x42 are even better in that regard but their super narrow field due to too small prisms is a huge turn-off with them.

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