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I had the 8x30 Habicht - the glare wasn't so bad with 3rd party eyecups. What took me a while to notice was the tunnel-like view. While the field of view is impressive (408ft), and the view itself phenomenal, for me it felt like my view had to travel through an optical tube to get to it. When I compared it to the 8x42 SF from Zeiss and, ultimately, my SV EL 8x32, I noticed a more immersive, walk-in view. I am not sure if this is unique to Roofs as I don't have a 10x40 Habicht to try, but I think that, together with the smaller size, better eye cups, close focus, etc... was worth the extra ~600 USD to get the EL 8x32. (In the US, Habicht's are drop-shipped from Swaro by a few dealers, so its hard to get discounts, but you can always get a discount on EL's. 1300 Euro is a whole other story...).

I will always have a soft spot for Habicht's though. One day I do hope to get a 10x40. The brightness and contrast on my 8x30 was second to none. The classic look and feel of the binoculars is otherwordly. Its a shame no other company like Leica or Zeiss make porros.
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