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Originally Posted by Hermann View Post
I didn't get the 8x30 because of the veiling glare, despite its superb optical performance in favourable lighting conditions. Try the Habicht 10x40. It is MUCH better with regard to veiling glare, as good as an up-to-date roof with the exception of the Noctivid. It's also MUCH better than e.g. the SV 8x32 which is IMNSHO one of the weaker 8x30s/8x32s in that respect.

And if you can cope with the smallish field of view, try the 7x42. It has NO veiling glare. None. It's also easier to use with its large exit pupils and its larger depth of field than either the 8x30 or the 10x40 due to its low magnification.

Ok, Herman. I tried all the Habicht's EXCEPT the 10x40. The 7x42 had too narrow of a FOV for me. But I will try the 10x40. I bought a new one off of Ebay from the UK for $900.00 in leather. When I get it I will let you know how I like it. Could I ask you what the OD in mm is of the outer objective lens so I can order some lens covers for it before it get's here? Do you think these Opticron covers would have enough room to fit? Also, Roger Vine liked the 10x40 Habicht quite a bit. Here is his review.

John. Good information on the Habicht's. I use your hand hold technique on all my smaller compact binoculars with smaller eye cups. I don't care for winged eye cups. They fog up and they rub the side of my face. Interesting tip about presetting the focus and cycling the focus on the Habicht's to break it in. Do you have any ideas for objective lens covers for the Habicht 10x40?

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