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Hi nearsnellvillega

Unfortunately your thumbnails are rather too small to really see them. If you could try this to re-size them - and perhaps save them as jpegs?

Re-sizing images:

After you've done any other work on your pic (always a copy mind ) and cropped away any part of the picture you don't want, you can then re-size it. But don't crop to get the file size you want.

How you actually do it depends on what programs you have.

In Windows 7 you can right click on the image and there's an option to re-size (choose the smallest 800x600 - you can go bigger 1032 on the longest side I think, but Windows doesn't give you that option!). Adobe Photoshop: you have a better choice there, in the Image menu: Resize, you can actually choose the size you want, and the quality... always select medium.

Window 8: Right click on the image and select Edit from the drop down. Then select Image from the menu in the Paint programme that opens. You can then type in the number of pixels for the longest side. I usually choose 900 but you can go up to 1032.

I use (free) for basic editing. Then select Image > Resize. Type in 900 in the highlighted box and save. Then Save As (new name).

Alternatively you could download the free program called Picassa.

If you use a Mac, this page shows you how to do it:

I hope one of these ideas work for you. If not, try posting in the Computer subforum - I'm sure someone will have more suggestions for you. There's loads of methods depending what software you have.
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