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Is it? Can it be?

Day 10 Monday 6th of May

Following some advice from a fellow birder we headed to South Uist to Loch Eynort , the day started well as we had two Red-throated Divers on a Loch on the main road, nowhere to park meant no pics but a nice sighting a little further along two Swans are upside down in another roadside Loch as we are nearly past one puts itís head up Whoopers!! Car right up my arse so canít stop, note to self, look on way back.
We get to Loch Eynort a nice area of woodland we pull up and park, first bird is a Robin the first we have seen on the Islands ,some more birders turn up as they get out of their car one calls Golden Eagle ,look up and a Goldie glides over our heads ,cheers guys!! We enjoy a lovely walk around the mountainside Willow Warblers are calling everywhere at least two Blackcaps are singing, We can here 3 Cuckoos calling, we then get one flying making the Bubbling call , Redpolls are flying around calling, lovely to see Broom covered in bright yellow flowers, as we get back to the shore I pick up another Eagle flying across ,White-tailed getting harassed by a Hoodie, several pics taken!! Scanning the Loch, I pick up at least four Red-throated Divers all pretty distant and a pair of Mergansers much closer. We return to the carpark, Two van loads of birders are present!!
Lucky for us as they immediately pick out an Otter amongst the many Seals on the rocks!! Hurrah!!! many thanks to the lady in the group who called it to our attention, they then spot two Golden Eagles, a White-tailed and then amazingly a Golden Eagle getting attacked by a Merlin, miles away but great to see , the pic ainít great but I done me best!! Of course with one Otter in the bag it was no surprise to spot another on the first causeway back on to Benbecula, putting to rest, once and for all Margieís conspiracy theory that there were no actual Otters and it was just propaganda to bring in the tourists, in her defence we have scanned about a million miles of rocky shoreline before hitting the jackpot!!
As we head back up the road, I remember the Swans, they are still on the Loch, so I pull over and get a couple of pics, great finish to a fantastic day!! By the way Iím definitely coming back as a Seal , what a life frolic in the water, seafood diet and lying about on the rocks 90 % of the day !!

If birds would sit still and give me a bit of notice the pictures might be a bit better!! My efforts for the day at the link below

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