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The outside diameter of both the leatherette 10x40 and 7x42 objectives is 54 mm (2 1/8”)
However, as I don’t use objective covers I can’t offer an opinion as to what’s good

I only use either:
- a rainguard, or occasionally;
- a Crooked Horn Bino Shield

In essence the Bino Shield is an elastic edged shower cap with an attached adjustable elastic strap (see the first two images)

Interestingly, the advertising fails to mention one of it’s main features!
As it hugs the binocular to the torso, it can be adjusted so that the torso comfortably supports perhaps 2/3 of the weight of the binocular
(my preference is to wear it higher than is shown in the first photograph, which may be a consideration in supporting the weight)
So especially with heavier binos, you can either use:
- a lighter neck strap then otherwise, or;
- a neck strap instead of a harness
either of which seems to be a big advantage

It’s much quicker and easier than dealing with both a rainguard and objective caps, and once removed you don’t have the guard or caps dangling from the binocular

And as it totally covers a binocular, it’s particularly good for those concerned about taking a valuable/ old/ non-waterproof/ non-rubber armoured bino on an outing in the field

The Bino Shield is only available in various complex camouflage finishes, which don’t appeal to me for a number of reasons
However, while a more aesthetically appealing alternative is available, it’s seems excessively expensive - the Swazi brand Bino Beret, which is also offered by Leica (see the last photo)

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