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Bad Belly Day

Day 12 Wednesday 8th of May
A disaster ,my IBS is back and this time means business, painkillers donít touch it, no sleep for me, Margie suggests maybe down to too much cake I control my rage at the very suggestion, I think itís the Haggis and possibly the Crunchy Nut Granola anyway whatever the reason no birding today ☹
As I loll around the house feeling sorry for myself, although as with most men despite the horrendous pain I hardly complain at all, Margie looks after me well although I decline the offered air ambulance, still not really sure if this is a genuine offer, preferring to suffer bravely on being no trouble to anyone.
We pop to the shop at Solas and get brief views of a Male Harrier and the local Red Deer, Wheatear and Stonechat try to keep my spirits up! Margie seems happy enough reading her book and having a well deserved relax so not all bad!!

No pics today :(
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