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Search for the Dotterel

Day 13 Thursday the 9th of May

Despite a still burning tummy I bravely head to Balranald to see if yesterday’s reported Dotterel are still present, Margie not feeling the best with a possible Migraine, although I offer to stay and nurse her she insists I go, so I’m on me own.
I walk from the carpark towards the beach scanning the wide open spaces as I go, I’m not sure where they were seen and no other birders present, all the regular birds are present although far less Wheatear today though lots of Whimbrel, as I approach the carpark for Aird an Runair I see three birds running about on the grass, could it be? Oh yeah baby 3 stonking Dotterel right next to the path fill ya boots!!
After about twenty minutes the birds moved further up the hill and I decide to mooch a bit further round, a Purple Sandpiper is on the beach and I manage a few better pics. The Arctic Terns are still doing their thing and Corn Buntings are singing but I decide to head back to base to nurse Margie back to health bravely not visiting “The Dunes” in case Margie’s crazy cake theory has any basis. We spend the rest of the day recovering with our trip to Mingulay Tomorrow in mind !! Except another phone call, despite perfect weather the boat trip is cancelled once again!! A cable has snapped, and the part hasn’t arrived in time, with no time to organise anything else it's fair to say I'm not a happy bunny.

A few pics at the link ,quite happy with the Dotterel.


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