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John. Nice summation of the Habicht's. I had the 8x30 W and the 7x42 and I have a 10x40 W coming and I completely agree with you. The FOV on the 7x42 was to restricted for me and I had glare problems with the 8x30 W when
looking up at extreme angles although as you said the stunning on-axis resolution is a strong attraction for them and makes me keep trying them. If the 10x40 W is better with glare than the 8x30 W I think I will like them because I liked the 8x30 W except for the glare problems. The focuser is tight but manageable if you break it in as you say. I ordered a Nikon 8x30 EII also because I think these classic porro's might be hard to find in the future. Both the Habicht and EII have a transparent and easy relaxed 3D view that make them a joy to just observe with. As you say I don't think of them as a dedicated birding tool like the SV 8.5x42, SV 8x32 or SV 10x32 which I have and they don't have the same "optical perfection" that the SV's do but they do have more character and retro appeal. They are also just higher quality compared to the equivalent priced roof and will probably last forever. I also prefer the leatherette version for it's visual appeal and lighter weight(and leather smell). If you like the Nikon 8x30 EII you might try the Nikon 7x15 Reverse Porro. It is a remarkably tiny 4 oz. porro in the retro style of the EII that will really shock you with it's optical performance. It is almost like a "Baby EII." Well I will let you know how the Habicht 10x40 W is if it arrives from the UK by Monday. Thanks for your help on the objective size's and it would still be great if you could post a picture of your hand holding style for small diameter eye cup binoculars like the Habicht. For me using your type of holding technique opened up a whole new world of binoculars that I can use without modifying the eye cups or using winged eye cups. It is really ground breaking.

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