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The Long Journey Home

Day 15 Saturday the 11th of May

Well to catch the early ferry we have to be awake at five , the sky is tinged red as the sun begins itís rise, the Short-eared Owl is sitting on a fence post to say goodbye,how could I have doubted him, it is completely quiet and still, a distant Cuckoo starts calling, Iím going to miss this place ,I love waking to the sounds of Curlew and Oystercatcher.
We head to Lochmaddy, in the harbour some Common Terns are fishing and loafing on a buoy , as the ferry pulls out a Black Guillemot is on the sea,as we enter the more open sea I pick up 2 Skuas disappearing behind the stern, Iím thinking they look small ,but the very blurred photos are not bad enough to string LTS ,Pale Phase Arctics they are, the windless journey is pretty quiet, although about ĺ of the way across a load of Gannets are fishing and there are Auks on the sea with this time some Razorbills amongst them, the last significant bird of the holiday is a Bonxie an ironic hint of what might have been, a no sign of any Puffins, all those from the journey out, must have relocated to Mingulay, Iím not bitter, I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter, I'm not bitter and thatís it for the birding, a nice breakfast of Pancakes at Cafť Sia in Broadford on Skye, we meet up with me old birding buddy Mowla and his good lady at Luss they are coincidently heading up to Argyll and Bute on holiday, after much texting back and forth we eventually meet up, a quick drink then head our separate ways, Lunch at the Tebay services, what a refreshing change to the dross usually served up at these places, and we head home ,arriving at 12.38 am on Sunday morning!!! Bloody long drive!!

Some final pics at the link below


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