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I received the Habicht's 10x40 a couple days early so I had time to give them a go and I am quite impressed. I looked up at the sun at steep angles and I did not see the veiling glare I observed in the 8x30's. The 10x40's are much better at handling glare than the 8x30's. I forgot how SHARP and BRIGHT the Habicht's truly are and how nice it is to view in 3D. The 10x40 W Habicht is brighter than any 10x42 roof I have looked through and it only weighs 24oz. I guess that is what 95% light transmission can do for you. The build quality is really impressive and even though the focuser is tighter than my SV's it is not as bad as I remember and has absolutely no play or backlash unlike some of the $1000.00 roof's I have tried lately. I hate backlash in a focuser. With John's tip of presetting the focuser for your estimated birding distances it is easily manageable. The 54mm Opticron tethered objective covers fit perfectly and actually match the binocular's black leatherette quite well. The eye cups are smaller than most roof's and will sink into your eye sockets but using the technique of cupping your hands around the eye cups to control the focal length of the binocular by bracing them on your forehead you can avoid any black outs quite easily and get a perfect view. I have the bigger RA Habicht eye cups but I didn't even bother putting them on. Monday I get the Nikon 8x30 EII and I will compare the two. I think I know which one will be brighter.

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