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"The brightness of a binocular is important to birders, especially if they like to go out owling or want to watch woodcocks displaying at dawn. To check out the brightness of our test binoculars in dim conditions, we took them outside and compared what we coud see on our resolution chart as the light diminished.

However, we found no perceptible differences in the brightness of Zeiss (SF), Swarovski (EL), and Leica (NVD) binoculars. This is what one would expect, considering they all have special glass and the most advanced coatings. They all have light transmission specifications over 90%. It would take expensive scientific instruments to objectively detect any difference this small. Your eye doesn't see it. Since we scored all three binoculars as perfect in brightness, brightness did not contribute to any difference in the overall scores.

Experts in vision say that the unaided human eye is not a reliable instrument for measuring small differences in brightness, because the brain is always involved in seeing, interpreting what we see.

For example, in the image below, it seems obvious that the right page is darker than the left. But as soon as you cover the fold with your thumb, you see they are the same shade of grey. Image by R.Beau Lotto.
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