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I usually draw on the same paper i paint on which is heavy 640gm hot press so it can take a fair amount of handling and scrubbing if need be. So i normally just use any quite hard eraser such as a Staedtler that i can trim back with a scalpel blade to give me fine edges if i need them throughout the work.
I'll see if i can hunt a few other sketches i've done that show more of that erasing effect.
Thankyou for the interest in my work Laura, and yes i agree 'bush chook' definitely sounds more Aussie. Here's a couple more, we call rabbit 'underground mutton' because in the depression days that's the only meat families had to eat to replace lamb meat, crocodiles 'floating logs' because in the wild northern rivers they will just float on the surface and drift with the current like logs. I'll check out those erasers you've mentioned.
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