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B&L Bushnell 8X36 Custom models?

I am researching the 8X36 Customs for a potential purchase. There seems to be two distinct models.

First is the grey body solid framed bino. Folks like the build and view on forums but note problems with the plastic eyecups. Folks also mention the upside down prism construction, round on bottom. I could find nothing on these much except Fan Toa's archived site.

Second there is a Custom 8X36 Audubon with an open frame porro construction. They are black bodied and seem to have rubber eyecups. They also have the upside down prisms.

I found some archived dealer sites and they indicate BaK4 prisms and FMC.

Anyone able to clarify coatings, mechanical quality, which is last type produced, etc..

Closed frame style.

The auction site only shows the open hinge model currently.
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