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Bob, I have both of these binoculars, and broadly echo Alexis and Binoboy, the open frame Audubon model is a very nice binocular, it is light and comfortable to use, easy to carry, the drawback, as Alexis say's is the narrow FOV. The older closed body 8x36, I would personally say is marginally optically better, it is bright and sharp, and has a good FOV, and is also easy viewing, but it is pretty heavy to lug around, and likely to need a clean and service to get the best from it. I keep mine as it is good and collectable, but I dont think I would be getting one for regular use theses days. The twist out hard plastic cups are ok, but if you drop the binocular, they are brittle and can break. I did this, broke one, but I managed to find a guy in the UK who was able to make reproductions from the good one in black plastic and they work fine. It pretty much depends on if you want them as collectables, or for regular use, for regular use I would say the open frame model out of the two, but really, neither, something made a bit later. Links below:

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