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The future of Cuckmere Haven

This concerns the the future of Cuckmere Haven in E.Sussex a well known beauty spot, and a great local birding site which i often visit.

Yesterday i attended an exhibition in Seaford E.Sussex) put on by the envirionment agency to explain to interested parties their proposals as to the management of the area as the current river banks and other flood defences are coming to the end of their useful lives.

The agency put forward various options, but the one they favoured does concern me. It recommends firstly flooding the land on the west side of the river up to and including Vanguard Way, then flooding the east side engulfing the meanders and the concrete path that leads to the beach.

When asked about wildlife habitat i was told that "It would change" and that the area "Should" become saltmarsh. Also when asked about access by the public i was informed that it was not in the agencys remit and anything of that nature was up to the local council

I would urge any members who are interested to visit the agency website and have a look at the various proposals and appraise themslves of the situation

I am not sure of the best solution, but perhaps their are some knowledgeable members who can explain ,in simple terms ,the best way forward for all concerned.

All comments welcome

Regards to all
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