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The future of Cuckmere Haven

When I started this thread the object was to make people aware of the situation regarding the future of Cuckmere Haven in respect of the proposals put forward by the environment agency.

The need for clarification became more apparent during a days birding there recently, when talking to birders and other people two points emerged:

1, That it had all been decided and work (or withdrawal of same) would commence shortly.

2, That only the west side of the river would be affected, and the east side would remain as it is, and they did not realize that in time this would flood too covering the boat house/car park/concrete path leading to the beach.

Joanne, I think you hit the nail on the head when you used the phrase:"Unless it is actively managed", this might be the best solution, I'm sure that the environment agency would not want to get involved, maybe a local wildlife organization?

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