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Camera Insurance/rising prices

Word of warning/advice, Check your insurance policies. Canon prices have risen by a staggering amount virtually overnight this week,. Your 500mm f4 which your better half lovingly gave you for christmas just 1 month ago has risen from 4000 to 5500 overnight, yes you immediately contacted your insurance company and added it onto your cover as a single item worth 4000 now is it worth 5500 or will your company still replace new for old despite the sudden rise? The rest of your gear is covered with a 1000 limit per item and a 3500 declared value, hang on your 100-400 is now 1300 to replace, your 1dMK lll up by 700 overnight to 3000!
All of a sudden your well under insured,
Its always worth checking!!
Cheers Simon

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