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Originally Posted by Steve Arlow View Post
I have been planning a return visit to Goa for February and have found that the Monarch flights (same carrier for Lesvos) are limiting hand luggage to only 5kg for charter flights, 10kg for schedule flights. For both Goa and Lesvos the limits are just 5kg. I have spoken directly with the airline and they are not going to budge on the limit, the response I got was 'if it's over 5kg it either goes in the hold or something has to come out' (or even 'it goes not go'), they weigh the hand luggage at the check in desk and are apparently rather strict on it.

As my camera body and 500mm lens comes to 7kg on its own, lens 6kg alone, its a non starter for anyone wanting to take high end camera kit to these destinations. Simply put it's highly unlikely I would ever return to Goa or make any visit (which I was seriously considering) to Lesvos due to the limitations of Monarch.
It's many years since our hand luggage was weighed at check-in. But wouldn't like to chance it with more than 5 kg just in case.......... We've paid extra to up our hold luggage weight to 20 kgs with Monarch in May 2012

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