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Replacing head on Slik 500 ?

I was wandering a car boot (yard sale, USA) when I saw a small tripod.

I picked it up to take a look, and was amazed at the low weight.

Everything seemed OK, so I bought it.

A quick bit of research when I got home showed it to be a Slik 500.

Sadly, closer inspection revealed that the lock-ring of the pan was broken, although it does still hold (almost...).

Further googling reveals that these heads are either weak "as made" or become brittle with time, because I found lots of posts about Slik 500s with broken heads.

Sadly, to keep cost and/or weight down, the head does not fit to the tripod with a standard screw; indeed the machine end of the vertical pillar is part of the head.

Here on this very forum, is a post showing the top of the pillar.

Would it be possible to saw off the head, tap for 1/4" x 20 TPI, and glue in a 1/4" stub to fit a normal head?

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