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I wouldn't say I'm expert, but I'm not phased by getting out some jewellers screwdrivers and having a poke around LOL.
I mean, not to devalue what professional techs do, but some things are easily doable - but others require a bit more knowhow - like collimation.
The question is, can I do the odd repair/refurb here and there, and thus not incurring a fee probably as high, or higher than the binoculars themselves!

I can't stand perfectly servicable equipment not being used because it's not economical to do the repairs - and this for me is where DIY comes in.

The price I paid was such that I figured I could sell them on and easily recoup in the event I couldn't do any DIY - but I'm kind of loathed to spend top dollar on a refurb that will cost more than the resale value of the binoculars at today's prices - I'd be better off putting the money to something that satisfies my needs more - unless of course, the performance of these is feasibly worth more than the actual typical selling prices these days...

It's a bit of a quandry LOL
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