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Originally Posted by Patudo View Post
Hi Ludw1g - it would seem you're better able to tackle the first part of your question than most of us, and regarding the second... if you obtained your Binuxit for the cost of a typical service (that I have been charged anyway) you have done extremely well. If the resale value of a Binuxit was less than the cost of a service I'd get one right now. Anyway, let us know how you get on with the repair, and afterwards as well. Whenever I look through one of those classic porros I am always impressed with what could be done back in the 1950s.

@John Frink - Interesting info about the Trinovid eyecup retrofit. I also seem to recall someone here noting that Leitz made twist style replacement eyecups for the old Trinovids - can someone tell me if my memory is faulty?

Well - after a day or so of turning the focus wheel it's started to loosen up.
It's not quite as buttery smooth as say my old Takumar lenses, but it's more usable. How smooth should this wheel be by the way?
I feel that mine has a ways to go before it's ideal - it's better though - and I guess it also means that focus won't shift that easily either if it still has a bit of friction.

I actually went for some of those eBay eye cups.

Just under 5 for a couple of eye cups - but they are for 29-30mm.
I got out my calipers and mine seem to measure 28mm ish - so I'm hoping they'll work...

Still these binoculars seem pretty good - maybe a little soft at the edges - and it'll be interesting how a clean of prisms etc impacts the view.
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