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In general I love the Borg line and think it's a shame their products aren't better known in the USA. In this case however, I'd strongly lean toward the Kowa. In my experience the Kowa optics will be superior and there's no contest if you plan on using the scope in any type of challenging field condition. My Kowa has nicely survived several drops, drenchings and splatters that would have ended the Borg - and I'm mainly just a whale and marsh watcher - nothing particularly harsh.

Plus, the prism and zoom are kind of a kludge when they're strung together. It will work but there's going to be lots of fussing - the Kowa clicks in and you're done. I have no hesitation in folding up the tripod and slinging the Kowa to the next location. That's not likely or comfortable with the Amici.

I don't have a Borg right now but I do have a Kowa 883. We could meet up sometime in SF if you haven't had a chance to look through the scope. PM if you're interested.


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