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Originally Posted by pavan_n View Post
Thanks Jerry and Opticoholic for your help while making my decision.

I went ahead and ordered a Kowa 883 from Eagle Optics today. Their customer service was excellent and helped me with all the questions that I had.

For anyone thinking about getting this scope, they have an incredible deal on the 1.6x extender with the 883 scope.

I am also going to get the 25-60x (te-11wz) eyepiece with this setup and an iPhone adapter for phone-scoping, but will eventually get an adapter to hook up my mft camera to the scope.

Any recommendations on Tripod head and case/cover would be appreciated.
Currently leaning towards a manfrotto video fluid head MVH500AH and the Kowa stay on carry case. Does anyone have any experience with either of these?
The MVH500AH is a good head, not the lightest but more fluid and stable than the cheaper manfrottos, if you don't mind the weight it's a good buy.
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