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Latvian ornithologists seeking help

In Latvia, Maris Strazds has noted a 40% occurrence of broken eggs in Black Stork nests. Maris says "we want to check the possibility that DDT has arrived on the scene again (from African winter grounds) and so is causing high nesting failure in Latvia" and is requesting assistance with locating collections of eggs in order to conduct comparisons with DDT-affected egg shells pre-1947.

"In order to make preliminary tests we need comparative material of eggs from collections taken before 1947 and preferably from NE part of former Germany, inclusive of Eastern Prussia - to be measured. I have only 5 such clutches available from Latvia so I need more from the same population to have larger sample.
Can you suggest name(s) from relevant Museums to contact concerning this subject? Even a single egg matters! I'd be grateful if you could help (or delegate this request to the most appropriate person) with this!.

Concerning the measurement itself, it is necessary to go to the museum, and measure with a special tool the thickness of the egg shell. The stored eggs have a small hole in them and measuring will not harm the collection.

If anyone reading this knows of a museum or other collection with relevant material, please post here, or PM me and I will forward the information to the right places. Many thanks if you can help.

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