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Originally Posted by Leif
Does anyone know of an adaptor that allows 1.25" astro eyepieces to be used in the Leica Televid 77 scope? I know Company Seven do one at >$400 which is too expensive.

On a related tack, the photo adaptor attaches to the prism housing by means of a screw thread. Does anyone know details of the screw thread i.e. diameter and pitch, or whatever technical spec. is used to describe it? I might try to make an adaptor and the screw thread is the hardest bit!

It does strike me as odd that there is as far as I can tell no reasonably priced astro adaptor for this scope.
No! I have the opposite, an adapter which allows the very nice Leica 20-60 zoom eyepiece to be used as a 1.25" eyepiece in an astro scope. (For sale, if anyone wants it ....).

When I was looking round, I could not find a cheap version of what you are looking for anywhere.
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