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One target species in mind on an extended lunch break... so despite the atrocious weather, I went out to Ellington to try to find the common crane that's been seen in amongst a flock of swans.

After a failed attempt to get near the reported location along a bridleway past Highthorn farm - because the track was completely flooded - I tried again through the caravan park itself. Parking up at the northern end of the site, I could just make out several swans in a field in the distance, so walked northwards up the path through the woods. About 2-300m up the path, there was a clear view over the fields to the birds... and there it was, a new UK life-tick for me:

92 Common Crane

(my previous sightings had been in Sweden last summer, and several years ago in northern Poland)

While I was out, and seeing as I was already completely soaked through to the skin, I took a quick look over Cresswell pond. Not a lot to see, as the conditions were really awful, and I didn't hang around long as the snow was starting to fall (well, it was horizontal actually), but still enough time to add:

93 Red-breasted merganser
94 Common tern
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