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I rarely venture much further north than Cresswell at Druridge Bay, as I don't often get the time, but ventured up to East Chevington and Druridge Bay CP today, with good results!

At East Chevington, there were three

99 Stonechat

along the paths, as well as several Meadow Pipit, and in the fields south of the lake were a reasonable number of Greylag goose and Mute swan.

From the headland just below Hauxley, out at sea, were a large number of gulls, mostly BH gull as far as I could see, but also some Herring, LBB and GBB gulls (and possibly others!). Closer in to the shore were

100 Common Scoter (4M + 6-8F)
101 Gannet (1 heading north)

And then heading back to Cresswell, a single Short-eared owl was flushed from the dunes, quickly followed by 4 Grey Partridge.
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