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A couple of days working in Norway with just enough time to spend an hour or so at Fetsund, which leads into the large inland Řyeren delta, plus some time wandering around a couple of towns during lunch!

As soon as I left Gardermoen airport, there were plenty of sightings over the motorway of:

1 Wood pigeon
2 Feral pigeon
3 Hooded crow
4 Magpie

and also heading south from Oslo, a flyover

5 Grey heron

Just before a meeting in Halden, right at the south east tip of Norway, just a few miles north of the border with Sweden, I spent half an hour by the river with my lunch, adding

6 Lesser blackback gull
7 Common gull
8 Mallard
9 House sparrow
10 Goldeneye
11 Jackdaw
12 Yellowhammer
13 Kestrel

Heading back north to Oslo, I took a slightly longer route, avoiding the main E6 motorway, and taking the less busy local route 22. This allowed a detour to the banks of the Řyeren lake, a large inland delta, but before reaching there, not far of Halden, there were a pair of

14 Common crane

in fields near the main road. Once at Řyeren, it took some time to find a suitable place to get down to the lakeside, but eventually found a nice walk along the Fetsund at the north end of the lake. There was a (closed) nature-park visitor centre, which provided a feeding station, and this - together with the various mudflats, pools and the lake, provided:

15 Fieldfare (lots!)
16 Great tit
17 Blue tit
18 Chaffinch
19 Brambling (lots!)
20 Greenfinch
21 Siskin
22 Bullfinch
23 White wagtail
24 Robin
25 Great spotted woodpecker
26 Black-headed gull
27 Eurasian Teal
28 Whooper swan
29 Goosander (m+f in courtship display)
30 Reed bunting

Finally, on the way home via Stavanger, as I boarded the plane at the airport, fluttering above the runway and fields were a couple of

31 Skylark

(no species not already on the year's global list)

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