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Another good day, with a brief stop off at very wet Prestwick Carr, giving me a life and a UK tick :) Parked up by the gate to the horse fields, and straight away there was a singing:

112 Whitethroat

also showing well for a minute or so before a passing van sent it up the gulley. Also a brief appearance from a willow/marsh tit (I'm presuming willow as I believe it's more commonly seen here, but not sure the gentle sisipuuu song fits)

In the horse field I got my second wheatear of the year (with another seen later by the house on the cross-roads) plus a godwit which was too distant to identify. And in the fields on the other side was a solitary

113 Whimbrel (a UK tick for me)

Along the track heading north, in the flooded fields were plenty of gulls (herring and BH) and two (immature?) mute swans and a group of around 12 more whimbrel. One species which confused me were two sparrow-sized brown, streaky birds, both sitting on top of fence posts in the marshy fields to the east of the bridleway. Their song was a very gentle, descending series of 8-9 notes, 2 at one tone then 2 down a semitone etc. They looked a little like larks, thickish beaks, and one took off pretty vertically, calling, before swooping down fast into long grass.

Anyway, yet another mystery!

Back at the car came my life tick of the day, as four waders flew over, with clear white rumps and wing bars:

114 Black-tailed Godwit

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