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A quick visit to Cresswell over lunch time added a good few more wetland species.

Passed by Bothal on the way, where there was

30. Grey heron

on the Wansbeck, and on the pond:

31. Lapwing
32. Greylag

At Cresswell, the pool was quite busy with wildfowl and waders:

33. Gadwall
34. Long-tailed duck
35. Snipe
36. Redshank
37. Oystercatcher
38. Dunlin
39. Shelduck
40. Great crested grebe
41. Teal

as well as large groups of wigeon, mallard and tufted duck, and small groups of canada geese (on the pond) and greylag (flyover).

And there were several flyover groups of

42. Pink-footed goose

presumably due to the low-flying fighter jets or the small light aircraft that was buzzing around for a while.

And, as I was about to get in the car, a kerfuffle from the adjoining field drew my attention, where a red fox (1) flushed four

43. Grey partridge, and a
44. Pheasant

while watched from a post by a

45. Kestrel

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