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Took a roundabout route into Morpeth to the post office again today, heading to a couple of places I thought I would pick up some missing species. Targets were tree sparrow, yellowhammer and goldcrest... and got 2 out of 3 :)

First, along the track that passes east of Coopies lane industrial estate (past Dunces House(?)), there were a flock of

81. Linnet

and at Park House Farm, just north of the far end of Coopies lane, a few

82. Tree sparrow

in the hedges (along with chaffinch and blue tit, and a gs woodpecker in a tree). Then at the wooden bridge over the Wansbeck east of Morpeth (East Mill?), a single

83. Goldcrest

making fly-catching forays from the top of a fir tree.

Which already takes me to 3 more than my total at the end of February in 2012 :)

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