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A train journey from Amsterdam to northern Germany last week gave no new species for the overal 2013 bird list, but still a fair number of birds, and one new mammal:

Between Amsterdam and Hilversum:
1. Greylag
2. Coot
3. Mute swan
4. Carrion crow
5. Herring gull

At Hilversum:
6. House sparrow
7. Great tit
8. Feral pigeon
9. Collared dove
10. Blue tit
11. Jay
12. Chaffinch
13. Song thrush
14. Woodpigeon
15. Long-tailed tit
16. Mallard
17. Blackbird
18. Moorhen
19. Jackdaw

After Amersfoort
20. Lapwing
21. Common buzzard

22. Tufted duck

Also, once in Germany, I spotted a hare (6) from the train just outside Osnabrück, although less birdlife, except for a very pale Common Buzzard flying over my employer's factory in Minden.
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