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Originally Posted by Leif View Post
I contacted Leica in Germany and they were very helpful. They informed me that most 1.25" eyepieces cannot reach infinity focus with the Leica APO Televid 77. There is an exception - the Zeiss Abbe 4mm Orthoscopic - and a small adaptor is readily made. I have a Vixen Lanthanum 4mm eyepiece - bought used - and I reckon that the eyepiece could be machined to fit. I might have a go.

did you get anywhere with this?

am considering a leica 62 if i can find an adapter.

i have used astro eps on a busjnell spacemaster, but find only ones of a certain height will work; longer ones just dont come to focus.


42421 Astro adapter 1.25"

so must be possible......

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