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A few days in Switzerland with work, with little time (or daylight) to do any birding, but still managed to start my Swiss list:

At GVA airport:

1. Carrion crow
2. House sparrow

As I drove through the centre of Geneva:

3. Feral pigeon
4. Mute swan
5. Coot
6. Black-headed gull
7. Yellow-legged gull*

And then during a brief stop at the "Geneva plage" car-park at Port Noir:

8. Red-crested pochard
9. Tufted duck
10. Great-crested grebe
11. Cormorant
12. Goosander

At Rennaz, just to the east of Lake Geneva:

13. Grey heron (one in almost every field!)
14. Buzzard

At Evionnaz, in the factory's car park:

15. Blackbird

And in Martigny, in the hotel grounds at dusk:

16. Great tit
17. Wren

Also had a stop off at Pas de Morgins in the hope of seeing a few more species, but it was almost devoid of life (although it was snowing quite hard, so no surprise, I suppose)... only two species heard (and seen fleetingly), and neither definitively identified (probably goldcrest and possibly redpoll)

* 1 species not on the UK list
World life list: 536 (Terek Sandpiper, Abu Dhabi, UAE; September 2019)
UK life list: 228 (Red-backed Shrike, Newbiggin, UK; December 2018)
Morpeth Garden list: 70 (Willow Tit, October 2019)
2019 year list: 235 (Snow Bunting, Bamburgh; October)

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