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Seem to have lost an update somewhere.... anyway, lots to add:

Trip to Germany late February, with very little time to spare, but still managed to add a new species for the year, and a new species to my Gremany life-list:

At Lampertheim, on the factory site I was visiting:

1. Blue tit
2. Blackbird
3. Carrion crow
4. Magpie

And while at the hotel in Mainz:

5. Great tit
6. Starling
7. Woodpigeon
8. Ring-necked parakeet
9. House sparrow

In Ingelheim:

10. Kestrel - new for Germany
11. Grey heron
12. Feral pigeon

ANd from the car travelling along the Autobahn...

13. Buzzard (near Worms)
14. Cormorant (near Mainz)

no species not on a previous/higher list in 2015
World life list: 536 (Terek Sandpiper, Abu Dhabi, UAE; September 2019)
UK life list: 228 (Red-backed Shrike, Newbiggin, UK; December 2018)
Morpeth Garden list: 70 (Willow Tit, October 2019)
2019 year list: 235 (Snow Bunting, Bamburgh; October)

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