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I'll clean them tonight....never thought of that as I don't use the printer. Since last week that is.


Originally Posted by RAH
Well, I don't know how old your printer is, but I'd say that if its more than about 3 years old, a newer one would probably give better results, because of newer technology. Nowadays, you don't have to spend a lot for a photo-quality printer, since they make most of their money selling ink cartridges anyway. There are many printers in the $150 range (or even less) that should yield almost professional results. You shouldn't spend much more than that, I should think, unless you are looking for a wide-format printer.

I'm assuming you cleaned the print heads (usually done via the print driver software - with most printers it does NOT involve you physically touching the heads). If not, do so, and then print the test page your printer surely can print to diagnose printing problems. Cleaning the heads can make a HUGE difference, especially with the horizontal streaking problem.
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