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Any Ornithologists?

I've loved birds since I was very little. I told my mom I wanted my first pet to be a bird, and she gave me a blue budgie for my eighth birthday. Since then, I've grown to be avid birdwatcher. I hadn't kept up my birdwatching in quite some time, though, with college, trying to settle down, ect. But, I want to get back into it. And I think I'd like to become what I've always wanted to be since I was young. An ornithologist. But I have no idea where to begin. I have a few years of college under belt in Environmental Sciences, but where to go from there? What I was wondering is if there are any people out there who are ornithologists by profession. How did you get there? What did you do? The community college I go to has a class in ornithology....that's it. Anyway, just looking for a little guidance or advice or...something! It would be much appreciated.
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