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13 Days in Australia - Brisbane to Melbourne

Hi Everyone,

My wife and are going to be vacationing in Australia at the end of November for 13 days. We are landing in Brisbane and heading up to Noosa for a couple days. After that, the itinerary is pretty flexible. We fly out of Melbourne at the end, and think we will visit Sydney in between. Whether we drive or fly around is still yet to be decided.

We would love any advice as it pertains to birding in any of these areas. Along this route, are there any spots we should aim for? The only birding plans we have made so far is a guided day tour in Melbourne. Does anyone recommend any other guided trips? Perhaps around Sydney or Brisbane? We don't really have any "target" species. It will all be new to us, so we are just looking to get out and see cool areas and birds.

Also, what kind of birding can one expect at this time of year? Should we be aware of anything as it pertains to the birding environment or weather? Any and all input is greatly appreciated.

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